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People who justify posting the celebrity hacked nudes:

  • The asshole "fan": OMG I'm so happy I got to see ________ naked I've waited forever because I love her and she's so beautiful! And even though I say I respect her and her work I actually don't because I care more about looking at a pair of breasts than the actual person.
  • The hypocrite: It's totally different when a celebrity has their privacy violated, they should expect that because they are in the public eye. But I'm actually just a total piece of shit and I'm trying to justify posting all these photos.
  • The one who missed the point: This is like so great because we can see these celebs in their natural form and their bodies are beautiful. Who cares if this is a total gross invasion of privacy I'm going to post the photos because their gorgeous women and shouldn't be ashamed even though I gave no goddamn right to do that.
  • The victim blamer: If you don't want to have your nudes looked at then don't take them that easy. Simple logic, even though I'm completely ignoring the fact that everyone should have the right to privacy and the real trashbag is the person who stole the goddamn photos from these celebrities.
  • The "keep away from this guy": Fuck these sluts I'm posting these pictures because their a bunch of sluts who don't deserve respect because have a naked body like everyone else.
  • The self-gratifier: These pictures are so hot I can't wait to jerk off to pictures of violated women because I care more about cumming than basic respect.
I was watching Bob’s Burgers and I just noticed that Louise has a Tina doll.

I was watching Bob’s Burgers and I just noticed that Louise has a Tina doll.

Last year my college textbooks came with a bunch of Starbucks stuff, this year they send me $100 worth of wine gift cards. 

They know me.

I am still legitimately upset with what happened to P’Li and Ming-Hua.  

"The initial contact between Darren Wilson and Mike Brown was not related to the alleged theft of cigars."


Ferguson police chief earlier today, but now he is saying that the officer stopped him because he saw the cigars in his hand and suspected him of the robbery.

Earlier at the press conference: 

Interviewer: “Why did the officer stop Michael Brown?”

Police Chief: “Because he was walking in the street. That was it.”

"I have to tell my son everyday, ‘if you get stopped by the police don’t say anything, don’t move.’ We shouldn’t have to do this. We are citizens of the United States."

- A woman being interiewed in Ferguson on MSNBC

"The initial contact between the officer and Mr. Brown was not related to the robbery."


-Ferguson police chief

aka “we are just trying to make it seem like Michael Brown was a thug, so public opinion changes and the ignorant will think this somehow justifies the murder.”

The armored police have left and now there are more people protesting in Ferguson. Look how peaceful it is. The community isn’t acting violent like the cops painted them out to be. People are handing food and drinks out to each other.

It’s peaceful! Looks like the real fucking problem was the gun toting police officers. How pathetic is that? The people that are supposed to make citizens feel safe were causing the tension and harassed a whole community. 

Stand with Ferguson!

When there’s even the slightest mention of gun control, so many people lose their shit about their rights and start yelling “police state.”

Meanwhile there’s a whole town that is actually having their rights infringed upon and it’s an actual police state. Now those people are remaining silent or they blaming the citizens.