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Time for uninformed, widespread panic to begin.

This makes me sick.

This business owner, Jan Morgan, has made her business a “Muslim free zone.” Her reasonings are listed on her website and it’s the most sickly Islamophobic bullshit I’ve read. But what’s even worse is the comments from so many people supporting her and spewing equally horrible comments.

And this is just a small portion from the comments sections. Practically every single comment I saw was saying the same thing. Please tell me again how America is so tolerant? It’s honestly scary how people are saying this discrimination “needs to be done,” or that “desperate times call for desperate measures.” That type of talk rings back into some dark times in history and it’s fucking terrifying. 

"Even if the police officer getting shot has no connection to Michael Brown other than the town it occurred, we are still going to use this as an excuse to justify his murder. We’re going to paint the whole town in one negative light based off of this one unrelated, violent incident."

- The media, probably

Maiko confirmed? 

"I can’t believe it…..Toph?"


Anonymous said: is this post about you or your cousin?? or did you repost this from somewhere?

Yeah the post is about my cousin. The quote I posted is taken from the full article about her story, which I provided a link for at the bottom. 

(full article)

"This is a universe where people are who they are and they generally get accepted and anyone who bashes on somebody for who they are generally gets beat. It just reflects my moral compass and the moral compass of most of this company, if not all. We want everyone to feel like they have someone somewhere. It’s a big enough universe. It’s not like we’re forcing somebody into a small box. We have, you know, dozens and dozens and dozens of characters. It’s not like some great agenda of, “Oh my god, we have to have this character represented.” But when we realize that we’re not representing someone, we put a little extra effort in trying to represent them. We don’t always do perfect, but we make the effort because it doesn’t cost us anything. It doesn’t cost anything at all to do those little things that sort of make the world of Borderlands a bit more interesting and diverse place. At the heart of it, I love people. I love everybody at this company. We want a nice, diverse, interesting group of people because we have a nice, diverse, interesting group of people here, and we want to reflect ourselves."

- Borderlands’ Franchise Director Matt Armstrong after being asked about his inclusion of LGBT+ characters in the games.

Anonymous said: why did u sign it ariel Wilson.. is this YOUR name

I’m assuming this is in regards to this post.

No it’s not my name. It’s the name of the person who was quoted and who the full article is about. She’s my cousin, which I’ve mentioned before.

I saw this news story today,and what do people do when a woman is shot and killed by her abusive boyfriend? Find ways to blame her for getting shot and killed.